Fequently asked questions

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Is a membership with your club required before I can attend your parties?
NEVER, you are not required to purchase a membership as a prerequisite before attending our parties, you may attend as a guest (Couple or Female), but you are required to RSVP for the party you plan to attend. Returning guests should pass our contact info to those ladies and couples who desire to attend a Discreet Escape swingers club party, please do not show up with any first time guest who has not contacted and spoken with the hosts. Sponsored guests (couple or female) are those RSVP'd by our staff or a member couple of our club, these guests may bypass the phone interview. As a sponsoring member, you are responsible for the actions of your guests, if they are asked to leave, you must do the same and leave with them, so PLEASE use this privilege wisely.

We/I have attended a Discreet Escape party in the past, do we/I have to call and rsvp for each party?
If you've been to a Discreet Escape party before, you can email us your RSVP, just make sure you include the names of everyone attending. If we don't have you listed as being a previous attendee, your RSVP will be refused

What is the dress code?
No Athletic wear, NO GYM SHOES OR BASEBALL CAPS; otherwise we'd suggest sexy casual dress attire, lingerie, sheer, fetish wear, and sexy undergarments, especially for those who plan to remain in our group play rooms. If you'd prefer, you may change into your revealing outfits after arriving to the club. If you and your partner plan to remain in any open party room to voyeur (watch) other couples play, please be courteous to those couples who are playing; NO loud or extended conversations, joking or cell phone use is EVER allowed on the second floor, you will be reminded once, the second time you will be told to depart the club for the evening.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages?
NO, we DO NOT serve or provide alcoholic beverages, the parties are Bring Your Own Bottle.

Are we/I ever obligated to participate in any sexual activity?
First and foremost, our club is "NO PRESSURE", you are NEVER REQUIRED to participate in any sexual activity with anyone, unless you choose to do so! If you are not interested, a simple "No Thank You" is all that's is needed to decline any invitation to play. Unwanted aggressive behavior, Unwanted touching, or obscene gestures will not be tolerated by anyone. If you are the victim of this type of behavior, alert a staff member or security immediately and the offensive guest will be escorted from the party and banned from attending any future parties. If you have no intentions to play with others or your partner, we ask that you remain downstairs in our social areas.

Are single males ever allowed to attend parties at your club?
NEVER, we have a ZERO tolerance policy, and this is strictly enforced. If you are male and enter the "couples only" play areas, you are required to be in the company of a female partner, if she departs the party area and he remains, you both will be asked to leave the club (No Refunds). Any female who arrives to our party as a couple, then departs the premises without her male partner will be BANNED from attending all Discreet Escape parties. Unaccompanied males are NEVER ALLOWED to remain at our events and must depart with his female partner. Any male who remains after their female partner has departed for the evening shall be escorted off the club premises and banned from attending any future parties, your name will also be shared with other club owners.
What is the average age of couples/ladies who attend Club Discreet Escapes parties??
We cater to a wide variety of age groups, both younger and older with the majority of our party guests ranging between the ages of 25 through 45, our minimum age limit is 21 yrs old, no exceptions!

Do you allow cell phone use in your club?
Due to the popularity of cell phones with cameras, and most important, to protect the privacy of those who attend our events, we do not allow any type of cell phone or camera use within our club this includes texting and voice use. All cell phone use is restricted to our patio area, failure to abide by our "NO CELLPHONE" rule will result in your immediate removal from our club.