House rules

Discreet Escapes goal is to provide a safe, friendly and sociable environment for all who attend, feel free to introduce yourself to our group of friendly couples, and single ladies; If you're a bit nervous, we can always do the honor’s of introducing you to whomever you'd like to meet; we provide various indoor and outdoor locations to make new friends, create new experiences, and share special times with other committed couples and groups.

We do not imply or guarantee that you will experience an erotic encounter by attending our events, as this is by mutual consent only. Discrimination, harassment, and drunken behavior towards any couple, or single will get you banned from attending all future Club Discreet Escape sponsored events.

Membership/Party Rules

· Parties are by RSVP only, online email reservation privileges are reserved for members and non members who've attended at least one swingers party at our Wisconsin club location. Couples attending our swingers club party for the very first time, must fill out our form to be contacted for a phone interview when both are available to speak.

· Our Wisconsin swingers parties are designed to introduce new and seasoned swingers to other consenting couples with similar interests. Under no circumstances do we promote or require sexual activities at our parties, this is strictly a consensual decision between all parties involved.

· You must be 21 and over to attend, with proper ID required.

· Please dress with class and style, No athletic attire allowed.

· Parties are open to members and their guests only, everyone attending must fill out our member application the first time attending. This doesn't make you a member, but it allows you to attend our parties as a sponsored guest.

· For the comfort and concern of our guests, we DO NOT allow roaming of men not escorted by a female partner onto our second floor or within any of our play areas; all men must be in the company of a female, or he and his female partner will be asked to leave. (NO ROAMING)

· We are not responsible for lost, or misplaced items, so don't bring anything you consider valuable or important

· "No Means No" policy strictly enforced - Parties guests consists of couples and females interested in various aspects of the swinging lifestyle. Ask FIRST before touching, and respect those who are not interested.

· No Illegal Drugs or Activities, you will be asked to leave, and reported to Wisconsin law enforcement.

· Drink only the alcohol you purchase. Stealing alcohol will result in you being banned from future parties.

· No drunk and obnoxious behavior will be tolerated, if you need to be drunk in order to feel comfortable, our parties aren't for you. You will not be invited back

· All sponsored guests must arrive with the member sponsoring you, and that member is responsible for your actions, if we ask the guest to leave, the sponsoring member must do the same.

· Please respect the boundaries, and feelings of your partner, if he or she is uncomfortable, then say "no, thank you", or if your partner is ready to leave the party, you must vacate too.

· To respect the privacy of others, No cameras, or recording devices are ever allowed in party areas, this includes the use of camera phones, if you are caught photographing or recording others without explicit permission from each party involved, we reserve the right to confiscate any illegal devices. You will then be asked to leave, and not invited back.

· Members and guests attending Club Discreet Escapes Wisconsin swingers party functions, believe it is within their constitutional right to assemble.